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UD False Hype - Eric M. Carr
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Lucky number - 27

...jk I don't believe in luck.

My favorite movie is

The Brave Little Toaster

Random stuff about Eric Carr (and the world):

I was an all-state swimmer in high school

If Pinocchio says "my nose will grow" it will cause a paradox 

Coffee Tastes disgusting to me

Billy goats urinate on their own heads to smell more attractive to females

When you die, your hair still grows for a couple of months

I came up with the name EMCproductions based off of my initials: EMC

I like big butts and i cannot lie. I also like small and normal sized butts and I cannot lie

Slugs have 4 noses

One of these random facts is a lie

Someday I will visit every six flags theme park

My favorite Porn star is "Blocked by this"